The Hippies, Cameron (their primo) and I just finished the spring USA tour and decided to hit Amsterdam for vacation.  We deserved it right? Jeff calls me Wednesday afternoon (day before we’re suppose to leave), to let me know that he just bought tickets and our flight departs LAX in 2 hours!  I happen to be in Culver City picking up my camera and lens from a repair shop.  Couldn’t of been cutting it any closer.  For some reason this is basically how all our trips are – last minute, no fucks given.

 BM 9848

Upon arrival, we had no hotel booked and it was Easter weekend.  Luckily we were able to find a spot not too far from the coffee shops.

 BM 9537

Day 1:  Figuring out the lay of the land, on shrooms.

 BM 9367

I led the pack on bikes (being the only one sober) riding in circles, searching for the infamous Red-light district. 

Day 2:  Waking up to the realization that we didn’t have a hotel booked for the rest of our stay.  We ended up schlepping our bags around the city for a few hours, eventually booking the last telly in all of Amsterdam.  Thank God.

 BM 0083

We crewed up and took a boat trip through the canals.

 BM 9708

 BM 0191

With sunset an hour away, I mobbed solo around the city to find the dopest spot for a photo.  The I Amsterdam sign felt like a proper stopping place.  Very cool place to chill and see all the people hop on the sign for photos.

 BM 0350-2

The evening in Dam Square hosted this awesome Carnival set up adjacent to this huge cathedral.  I hoped Jeff and Kevin would join me on the ride for a photo, but Kevin was a wimp and Jeff was shrooming again, so I continued my solo mission to the top.

 BM 0862

 Once we were able to put our bags down in the room, we couldn’t believe how tiny the space was.  Three mattresses and a floor space the size of me!  Somehow I ended up getting the short end of the stick and stuck on the floor.  As expected, I didn’t sleep much.  

 BM 0520

Day 3:  Woke before sunrise to chase that beautiful 15 minute window of time, on a bicycle. Which turned into a day journey around the city.

 BM 0597

 BM 0906

Day 4:  Everybody got new fits.

IMG 3115

Had to smoke out the coffee shop one last time before returning to the States.

 BM 0253

Thanks Amsterdam for the calm vibes.

-Picture Perfect