The year of the Rooster has beckoned many jubilant blessings, but celebrating my gallery debut has to be the crowning moment. The last weekend of May marked the gallery launch of December 9th at Organic Modernism.  Curator Molly Waseka transformed the space from a high end furniture store to a charming art gallery, showcasing the expressive imagery of a handful of LA artists. 

Reigning as the only photographer, I had the privilege to present my canvases (as well as sell limited edition square prints) among other artists such as Black Brain, Jesse Draxler, Brian Ostroff, Antonio Pelayo and Jimmy Warhol.

(From left to right, top to bottom) Pay Off, Chase More, Bear Frost, Big Basin, Occasion, Fuegz, Expired, Rooster, Half Full, Backcountry. 

All images were printed with fine art giclee ink on archival canvases with Moby Arts Studio.

Artist’s Statement:

My introduction to photography was through filmmaking. I was intrigued in recording moments that were still instead of moving. The curiosity in capturing my adventures and advancing in the realm of storytelling grew into a passion & lifestyle. I’m grateful to have experienced all the places photography & filmmaking have taken me, as well as feel the flame of desire to push it further and continue evolving.

With the ten year anniversary of my migration to the West on the horizon, I thought ten selects were appropriate to express my love & appreciation to the territory that’s blessed me with so many triumphant moments. From San Diego to Big Basin Redwood Forest and a few places in-between, this California Captures collection feature some of my favorite stills snapped in the Golden State.

I featured the pictures with the aim of enhancing one’s home or workspace. I hope by seeing these captures, the viewer feels an impulse to detach from their normal routine and enjoy Mother Nature, maybe even give back and try to be more sustainable. Whether they serve as portals of a daydream escape, spark philosophical conversations, encourage sustainability or travel, the intent is to induce one’s golden state of mind. 

(Featured Artist Adam Stanzak with Curator Molly Waseka)

Thank you to all the supporters and collaborators that have made this journey possible. Special thanks to everyone that came out to support on this magical night. The capsule will remain up through the upcoming months, feel free to check it out! Also read Dec. 9th’s recap of the night here

Organic Modernism

315 N La Brea Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90036

Below is a video showing the process of fine art giclee canvas printing, framing and wrapping with Moby Arts.