T.F. – ErThangSkanless Premiere

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This weekend T.F. & the homies celebrated the release of his debut LP ErThangSkanless.

SoundBite Studios hosted the release party. Although that term isn’t inaccurate for the function, the art exhibit & VR music video experience prevented this from being the typical run-of-the-mill occasion. Felt like walking into a crime scene of a homicide & narcotics bust with an evidence room tucked in the back, that happened to be a dimly lit celebration blapping the project with a high turn up.

After getting in a gutter early 90’s Caddy DeVille, attendees put on a VR headset, the one-take music video for “Residential” takes you through the song’s narrative through first person point of view.


This was the mood as soon as you stepped in.

Part of a moving picture coming soon.

Even the youngsters were gettin’ it.

Pollo held it down on the 1’s & 2’s.


Hannah pulled up to show love & experience the VR video.

One of the few guests on the project, Charlie Waa featured on the joint “Leather Seats.”

Always good to see Trizz, Harmony & Sage.

Massive praise & salute to Marcos & Jess for making the experience possible.

Be sure to cop & slap ErThangSkanless and be on the look out for new visuals.