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VBM 4528

Hours from departing on a camping mission with my brother Luke and my homie Mark to Pine Mountain, I found an old film camera packed away in a dusty case lying around my house.

Los Padres National Forest was a perfect destination to experiment with the 35mm camera, and even more so a roll of Lomography’s special purple film. I shot some digital but think the film outshined on this escapade????????

Breaking free from the city noise and catching a breath of fresh air gave us a chance to get back to the basics, even if it was only for two days.

A clear view of the Milky Way’s vastness blessed our arrival. We wanted to pitch camp under the sea of stars but decided it was best to nap in the truck to avoid disturbing other campers.

We settled in late morning; chopping wood, cooking breakfast and enjoying our morning brew.

Unfortunately we forgot to pick up firewood and the axe my bro packed was miniature, so food had to be gathered the old-fashioned way. We came across a fallen tree and spent a solid 30 minutes chopping it up. And like magic, THERE WAS FIRE ????

Our first full night, the mountain was freezing. Winds whistled through the pines as our tents trembled. Mark had broke the axe while trying to chop more firewood, but the boisterous wind made a late fire futile anyways, so we put it out. Luke hit the hay, Mark and I layered up to roam the camp in hopes of some cool flicks. Before we could even wander, the bag of hot tea exploded in our canteen. Squandering the last hot drinking water, leaving us with no warm reserves for the mission. So we called it a night.

Next morning my brother’s friend Ian arrived to join us on a hike up the mountain. We reached a total of 8,000 ft elevation, a round trip of about 6 miles – up down up down the mountain, ’till exhaustion. With bodies weary and our spirits replenished, it was time to cruise back to LA.

-Picture Perfect Paredes