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I’ve been collaborating with Cassidy Howell for close to a decade. I’d bike to 3rd & Normandie with a MiniDV camera; these were early youtube days, before everyone had a vlog.

Album photography, music videos, studio sessions; I’ve had the privilege of documenting the highs and lows of one of the world’s finest visionaries. 

I met Farid in 2012 at Minnesota’s hip hop festival, Soundset. He flew in from the SF to also document the show.

The chemistry was undeniable and has led to many projects together, coast to coast.

Last month, an executive decision was made that brought the three of us to Barcelona. We feasted on paella, shot a couple music videos, roamed historic architecture & spiced our spliffs w/ hash.

Saht rocked open mics at Black Lab Bar & Big Bang Bar, s/o Mark Daniel.

He was also interviewed at Barcelona’s biggest english speaking radio station, BCM. Thank you Bobby Bastos.

On behalf of Dec 9th, Farid and I filmed with one of the most imaginative artists, Irene Lopez.  

The vibes with her and studio mate Uri were so vibrant,  Saht ended up getting blasted.

One of the most serendipitous encounters was connecting with Kevin Beacham, friend/mentor/collaborator that brought me in to shoot for Fifth Element/Rhymesayers and eventually Soundset. The reason I met Farid!

Enjoy the recap below, music videos and zine are in the queue.

Thank you for  your time and support.

-Adam Stanzak