Bad Rabbits at The Echo

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I first met Bad Rabbits in 2013 on their American Love Summer Tour. Drastic comrade Sahtyre had just been signed to G-Life (sister company to G Pen), and rocked nationwide as their opening act, bringing me along for the California stint.

(Fredua Boakye & Sahtyre at LA’s Troubadour)

Since then I’ve been fortunate to sit in on a few of their studio sessions and document further sold out shows.

After shooting their recent show in Los Angeles, it felt like a good opportunity to feature some highlights across the years.

Big thanks to the Lords Sahtyre, Sheel Davé (drummer), Dua and Salim Akram (guitarist) for the access and good times.

Be sure to cop their merch for your girlfriend and blast to their catalog on repeat for your grandma, vice versa.


By Adam Stanzak