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Alph Tha Alien, formerly known as Alpha MC, was my first friend when I migrated to LA. Tony Oberstar and I were scouting for apartments, and met Alph through Tony’s roommate VerBS.

At the time both were members Swim Team, one of LA’s most talented MC crews.

(Swim Team rocking Paid Dues 2012 right before Wu- Tang Clan)

Tony and I started pulling up to The Spliff, shooting music videos and experiencing Project Blowed shows and cyphers.

Over the years we’ve hit multiple milestones with Swim Team members, thanks to the introductions from Alph and VerBS.

In the transformation to Alph Tha Alien, Alph says his debut LP Black Tax “is a reflection of my most recent musical endeavors, cultivating a sound that’s all my own.”

Entirely self produced, mastered by Burning Giraph w/ guest appearances from Swim Team alumni Open Mike Eagle and Sahtyre,

as well as Talk2Strangers and Areef – the project is a breath of fresh air both sonically and vocally.

We met for a few sessions for the project visuals, landing on the following:

Cover is a double exposure captured in camera, only post processing was adjusting hues.

Back image is a slow shutter next to the Expo line.

Be sure to put Black Tax in rotation and keep an eye out for future Alph Tha Alien sounds.


– Adam Stanzak