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Last week I mobbed to Austin, TX with G Pen to participate in the first official cannabis activation at SXSW.

We gifted attendees a free engraved G Pen Gio and CBD cartridge. 

Daytime happenings consisted of different panels discussing hemp and CBD’s position and future in mainstream society.

“Recovery and Relief: CBD for Athletes” panel featured Nick Moody, Dr. Alex Capano, Terrell Jones, Besty Holland and Matt Barnes.

Gourdoughs catered delicious CBD infused donuts.

Legendary activist Steve DeAngelo before screening a short documentary starring him exploring the cannabis world in Israel.

New Orleans native Curren$y rocked the first night.

Houston pioneer Devin the Dude took the stage the second night.

We slid by the Fader Fort and discovered sister DJ duo Angel and Dren making big party.

Rico Nasty turning the Fader Fort up as the sun went down.

Shout out Jordan, Marni, Farzíni and everyone that made this year memorable.

– Adam Stanzak



Sahtyre, Farid and I made an epic excursion to Barcelona last October. Shooting a music video for Saht’s single Elon was one of the top priorities.

Above All premiered it today, let us know what you think.

Directed by Adam Stanzak, Co-Directed by Farid.

Produced by Drastic and Top Floor Music Group.



First and foremost, we’re storytellers.

We don’t limit ourselves to one media or medium.

Yes, film is amazing. But this isn’t a hipster plea for everyone to SHOOT MORE FILM.

It’s a collection of some favorite analog captures from the past rotations around the sun.

Thank you for your time.

-Adam Stanzak



I’ve been collaborating with Cassidy Howell for close to a decade. I’d bike to 3rd & Normandie with a MiniDV camera; these were early youtube days, before everyone had a vlog.

Album photography, music videos, studio sessions; I’ve had the privilege of documenting the highs and lows of one of the world’s finest visionaries. 

I met Farid in 2012 at Minnesota’s hip hop festival, Soundset. He flew in from the SF to also document the show.

The chemistry was undeniable and has led to many projects together, coast to coast.

Last month, an executive decision was made that brought the three of us to Barcelona. We feasted on paella, shot a couple music videos, roamed historic architecture & spiced our spliffs w/ hash.

Saht rocked open mics at Black Lab Bar & Big Bang Bar, s/o Mark Daniel.

He was also interviewed at Barcelona’s biggest english speaking radio station, BCM. Thank you Bobby Bastos.

On behalf of Dec 9th, Farid and I filmed with one of the most imaginative artists, Irene Lopez.  

The vibes with her and studio mate Uri were so vibrant,  Saht ended up getting blasted.

One of the most serendipitous encounters was connecting with Kevin Beacham, friend/mentor/collaborator that brought me in to shoot for Fifth Element/Rhymesayers and eventually Soundset. The reason I met Farid!

Enjoy the recap below, music videos and zine are in the queue.

Thank you for  your time and support.

-Adam Stanzak

G Life: Malia

G Life: Malia

Malia is one of the freshest additions to our record rotation, her personality is just as refreshing as her music.

She describes her sound as neo/alternative soul, but for us it transcends beyond that.

The above is a bio video shot with G Pen, be sure to listen to her catalog and slide to her next show.


Sound and Fury 2018

Sound and Fury 2018

Sound and Fury is a hardcore punk rock festival that embodies a raw, autonomous, nonpareil ethos of loving music & wylin’ on a higher tier. As occult as these captures are, they don’t come close to the energy experienced as a participant. Dare I say the function is liken to Germany’s Chaostage… YES.

Special thanks to Tín & Riley for the hospitality.

–  Steezak

BTS: Subject 19 (Short Film)

BTS: Subject 19 (Short Film)

The celestial being Preston Garret invited me to shoot some BTS stills on the short film Subject 19written and directed by Adam Hoelzel.

Of course I abided. Not because we share the same birthday or met as interns on the Stan Lee documentary (although both SWAG) but I genuinely love being on set watching the magic happen.

Caught a lot with the Canon 5D Markiii, but brought the 35mm FM10 out for a couple analog rolls. Can you spot the film shots?

Special thanks to Adam, Preston & Lord Danger for having me out, lookin’ forward to seeing the final piece.


Pine Mountain

Pine Mountain

VBM 4528

Hours from departing on a camping mission with my brother Luke and my homie Mark to Pine Mountain, I found an old film camera packed away in a dusty case lying around my house.

Los Padres National Forest was a perfect destination to experiment with the 35mm camera, and even more so a roll of Lomography’s special purple film. I shot some digital but think the film outshined on this escapade????????

Breaking free from the city noise and catching a breath of fresh air gave us a chance to get back to the basics, even if it was only for two days.

A clear view of the Milky Way’s vastness blessed our arrival. We wanted to pitch camp under the sea of stars but decided it was best to nap in the truck to avoid disturbing other campers.

We settled in late morning; chopping wood, cooking breakfast and enjoying our morning brew.

Unfortunately we forgot to pick up firewood and the axe my bro packed was miniature, so food had to be gathered the old-fashioned way. We came across a fallen tree and spent a solid 30 minutes chopping it up. And like magic, THERE WAS FIRE ????

Our first full night, the mountain was freezing. Winds whistled through the pines as our tents trembled. Mark had broke the axe while trying to chop more firewood, but the boisterous wind made a late fire futile anyways, so we put it out. Luke hit the hay, Mark and I layered up to roam the camp in hopes of some cool flicks. Before we could even wander, the bag of hot tea exploded in our canteen. Squandering the last hot drinking water, leaving us with no warm reserves for the mission. So we called it a night.

Next morning my brother’s friend Ian arrived to join us on a hike up the mountain. We reached a total of 8,000 ft elevation, a round trip of about 6 miles – up down up down the mountain, ’till exhaustion. With bodies weary and our spirits replenished, it was time to cruise back to LA.

-Picture Perfect Paredes

G Life: Sahtyre

G Life: Sahtyre

Artists creating in top wizard dimensions (Sahtyre) and dope brands at the forefront of multiple industries (G Pen) make profile pieces like this even more fun and refreshing than the usual.

If you’re new, do your research. If not, you know Steezlawd has been a Drastic dignitary before inception.

Stills and motion captured in Sahtyre’s lair on the fringe of the Hollywood hills.

Badd Wolf Chrysalis Documentary

Badd Wolf Chrysalis Documentary

Earlier this year we celebrated the release of our project, Chrysalis. The video started as a “day in the life” and evolved into a chronicled 3 year transformation.

Badd Wolf  is a dreamer, artist, entertainer & free thinker from Los Angeles. He continues creating his own lane while enjoying the human experience. We’ve captured a slice of his evolution which transpired into a short documentary. Enjoy the zine we put together in celebration of the project, below.

To see a glimpse of who Antwan Wolf was in the preliminary filming, enjoy the lifestyle piece “Live for the Moment” below.

Live for the Moment

Chrysalis (Short Documentary, three parts)






From flying miles above ground amongst lightning storms to diving beneath the surface of Hawaiin waters, our reel is a glimpse into our escapades, catalog & perception.

Special thanks to the friends and collaborators that made most of these moments happen.



Last week I had the privilege to mob out to Vail, Colorado with the wizard of G Pen to experience the Burton US Open.

Since Burton was the first snowboard I rode and owned, this was a milestone on multiple levels.

Revered by riders and fans all around the globe, the happening showcases some of the best snowboarders in the world, competing in slope style and half pipe contests.

Sky Art featuring Pat Burgener.

Olympic gold medalist Chloe Kim posing with fans.

Forget what this trick was, but it’s Ayumu Hirano BEASTING. His second run before winning the half pipe competition in the finals.

To make things even more drastic, G Pen shipped out a laser engraving machine to customize their limited collab for the event, a Burton US Open G Pen Gio.

I was in charge of curating icons from the Burton & Grateful Dead art palette. Prolly engraved 50-60 Gios during our stay.

The fun continued every evening for the concert series, which showcased top shelf talent ranging from Damian Marley to Dean Ween.

Special thanks to Burton, G Pen, Chris, Greg and Anne-Marie for the love & hospitality.

By Adam Stanzak